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meet wambui

Hi! I’m Wambui Chege. I am a lover of life, a child of Africa, a global citizen. I am also a food, beauty and wellbeing enthusiast.

I have been a journalist, international development practitioner, lived in 5 countries and travelled to over 16 countries around the world, mostly in Africa.

Throughout my life, the one thing that has been consistent is my curious nature, my passion for life, my desire to make a difference and, thanks to my mother, the courage to follow my heart.

After nearly 25 years of a fast-paced corporate life, I made the bold decision in 2020 to follow my dream and build a natural skincare company that offers the best of what Africa has to offer.

Kara Sidai Botanicals was born out of my work supporting small businesses in Southern Africa using wildly occurring African biodiversity. That work exposed me to the benefits of these ancient plants which are packed with pharmaceutical and cosmetic benefits. They are good for you inside and out.

Black is Beautiful

Kara Sidai has also been inspired by my own journey with my skin and my skincare.

As a dark-skinned girl, I was often teased about my complexion. This was never an issue with my family, providing me with an emotional safety net, which helped me navigate my teenage years when sometimes I was filled with self-doubt from teasing.  After years of conscious dialogue with myself, I came to accept myself as I am!

Helping other women accept themselves as they are is very personal to me. Kara Sidai was created to inspire women, all over the world to accept themselves as they are. To know and believe they are beautiful, just as they are. Our true beauty starts from within.

My passion for beauty

Over the year, my skincare journey has evolved. I tried on my first natural and organic skincare product made with baobab extract in 2016 and I have never looked back.

Three weeks into my new product, I received so many compliments about my glowing skin. I knew I was onto something amazing!

I am a certified natural and organic skincare formulator with a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation from the award-winning Formula Botanica online school based in the UK. My intention is to bring you natural beauty products, lovingly and thoughtfully formulated with these African superpower plants, tested for skin safety, to give you naturally radiant and gorgeous skin.

Karibu. Welcome to the coolest Tribe in Africa!